My Latest Attempt

My perceiving nature has always hindered me to keep a blog that I’d use regularly and permanently. I have been trying since high school, and here is my latest attempt to keep one.

This is my first time buying a domain name, and I asked my friends for some advice. I told them I am contemplating whether to register or Some of my friends voted for .com, and some voted for the latter. Still undecided, I rolled 5 virtual dices instead. Continue reading “My Latest Attempt”

Scammed in the Philippines

Last week, while I was studying at Tambayan Gastrobar in Malate, I overheard a conversation. A Vietnamese guy was asking the waitress how to go to ANZ Makati. The waitress do not know how so I talked to the Vietnamese. He told me what happened. He needs to go to ANZ Makati because he was scammed by a Filipina. I want to share his experience to all the solo travelers as a precaution. Here’s what happened:

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