Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur (Petaling Street)

One of the most visited places in Kuala Lumpur is Chinatown.

After visiting Batu Caves, my friends and I decided to check out Chinatown. We did some googling, and we found out that Chinatown is located at Petaling Street. Do not make the same mistake that we did or you will end up in a place that looks like you’re in a newly abandoned place. Continue reading “Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur (Petaling Street)”

Scammed in the Philippines

Last week, while I was studying at Tambayan Gastrobar in Malate, I overheard a conversation. A Vietnamese guy was asking the waitress how to go to ANZ Makati. The waitress do not know how so I talked to the Vietnamese. He told me what happened. He needs to go to ANZ Makati because he was scammed by a Filipina. I want to share his experience to all the solo travelers as a precaution. Here’s what happened:

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Mt. Ulap

I am no hiker. I do hike sometimes, but I do not consider myself as one. I think claiming to be one is a slap in the face of true hikers who spend time, effort, and money.

I decided to join a day-hike tour with a friend. We hiked Mt Ulap, located at Itogon, Benguet. Mt. Ulap is a beginner-friendly hike, having a 3/9 trail class. Most parts of the trail are just like a walk in the park, and I’m not kidding!
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