Another Year in Law School

It has been more than a week since the final examinations week concluded. Here I am, catching up with the tv series I have been wanting to watch for ages. Just when I thought law school could not get any crazier, here it is, trying to punch me in the face again. This school year was one hell of a ride.

When I started studying in Alabang, I had only one friend for the whole semester. I was this socially awkward weirdo, until I had the courage to step up and be the class beadle for three subjects this school year: Law on Sales and Lease, Insurance Law, and Transportation Law. I made friends. To be honest, deep inside, I’m still this socially awkward weirdo who can already be satisfied by virtual interactions. Whenever I feel like I am becoming emotional, I tend to shut people out. It is my way of kind of rewiring my brain, because I believe that intense emotions are hindrance for my goal to seek knowledge.  However, my new friends tend to be clingy (in a good way) and caring. They would panic if I don’t message them within a day (Some of them are probably reading this right now, just to check up on me, if you are, thanks for caring. I care for you too). 

Moving forward, academically, I wasn’t able to make good decisions this school year. If I could turn back time, I would. However, until we live in one of those multiverses where time travel would be possible, regretting is futile (but hey, at least gravitational waves have already been proven, we are getting there, little by little).

The most important lesson that I have learned this school year is that, I cannot let personal problems affect me no matter what. I cannot afford prolonged grief. Every decision I make affects not only my current situation, but also the future. Therefore, decisions must be based on how it would impact my study of law in the long run.

Fortunately, at the end of the semester, I have finally learned how to study effectively. I will apply such study technique next semester. Definitely.

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