Intentionally Untitled

I wish I could thank Jad enough for recommending this guy’s Spotify. I had no idea who he was until then (I didn’t even know we were classmates).

I am really thankful that in this lifetime, I am blessed to be allowed to meet someone like him.I am someone who may be suffering from GAD or PTSD, and there he is, genuinely listening to me. I will never forget that night where, finally, there’s someone who listened to me without making me feel I’m too much. It meant a lot to me. I’ve been rejected even by my most trusted friends, but he was different. He always tries to encourage people when they are down. In a world full of selfish people, there he is, helping people selflessly, even though he also needs help. When I was about to lose my faith in humanity, I met him.

He talks a lot (believe me, this is a compliment), and I like listening to him. When he’s talking about something he really likes (music, technology, etc.), his eyes glow like a kid. It’s amazing that we can talk from very random stuff to secrets we only tell people we really trust. Also, it’s funny to hear this nerd imitating Rick.

So, why am I actually writing an appreciation post for this guy? Well, I told my friends long time ago that I value birthdays. For me, remembering someone’s birthday means you are genuinely grateful that he/she was born.

Yes. I am grateful. Actually, beyond grateful to have met someone like him. I can be socially awkward at times because I believe I haven’t done anything good to deserve him as my friend. Yet, I am blessed to be one of his close friends.

So there, happy birthday to you, JUST Mateo!

(Never mind the grammar mistakes and how I wrote this, it’s already 2:13 in the morning, and it’s always impossible for me to convey my thoughts)

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