Moving Out

So, this is the start of a new era.

After staying in Manila City for seven years, I finally moved out. Here I am sitting in front of the window while sipping an overpriced beer I bought last night.I spent my first night in Alabang with a classmate.  I had a nice talk with him, it made me feel like, maybe, moving here is not a bad idea after all. I was actually hesitant because Manila City is my comfort zone. I know the place very well. My friends are living there. Moving out seems like leaving my life behind.

I guess, this is a part of growing up. You have to know that there’s no permanent thing in this world, and that sooner or later you have to take a leap.

I am no longer friends with most of my old friends, and I am not sad about it. I have met new friends that may or may not stay in my life, but that’s okay too. You have to learn that you do not own someone nor someone owns you. You do not owe anything to someone. You are free to go when you have to. You are free to try news things. You are also free to stay in your comfort zone. As for me, I chose to leave.

This is the start of a new era. I do not regret this decision even though this means leaving some people behind.

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