My Latest Attempt

My perceiving nature has always hindered me to keep a blog that I’d use regularly and permanently. I have been trying since high school, and here is my latest attempt to keep one.

This is my first time buying a domain name, and I asked my friends for some advice. I told them I am contemplating whether to register or Some of my friends voted for .com, and some voted for the latter. Still undecided, I rolled 5 virtual dices instead.Actually, it was supposed to be, but I changed my mind because I want it to be personal. I don’t want it to sound travel-ish. My chosen domain name seems very personal and I’m happy about it. As an introvert, I have no plan on explicitly promoting this blog on my social media accounts. For me, putting it on my profile as my website is more than enough. I don’t like to catch any attention, but if someone wants to view it, he is free to do so.

Why I Spaced Out

During the block’s open forum, a friend pointed out that I always space out (my friends agreed). I told her I did not notice it, because usually, I am just thinking of random things like:

Who invented “something?” Why? How did they come to the conclusion that they needed it?

Why society behave like they do?

What is the purpose of life?

And the most ridiculous reason why I spaced out, “Wait. I was wrong earlier/yesterday/last week/last month/last year.”

Right now, I’m planning to use this blog as my platform to voice out some very random thoughts why I spaced out (also hoping that this would be my permanent blog).

EDIT: My blog’s tagline, “You are at the top of my lungs, drawn to the one who never yawn,” is a line from PATD’s song, Northern Downpour (my favorite song ever). Just to be clear, that line is not about someone, it’s about my thoughts. It’s about some things that bother me.

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