Scammed in the Philippines

Last week, while I was studying at Tambayan Gastrobar in Malate, I overheard a conversation. A Vietnamese guy was asking the waitress how to go to ANZ Makati. The waitress do not know how so I talked to the Vietnamese. He told me what happened. He needs to go to ANZ Makati because he was scammed by a Filipina. I want to share his experience to all the solo travelers as a precaution. Here’s what happened:

Lauc, a Vietnamese guy, went to Intramuros just to roam around then a lady approached him. That lady offered him a tour. Lauc innocently accepted the lady’s offer. Afterwards, they went to SM Moa, where her friends join them. They also went to Tagaytay to see Taal Lake.

On their way back to Manila, the lady offered Lauc a drink, and that was the last time he saw the lady and her friends before he fell asleep. When he woke up, he was already alone and all of his money was gone.

Dear foreign travelers, I am very sorry for the wrongdoings of some of my fellow Filipinos. Please beware of this type of scam.

To my fellow Filipinos, I know we are better than this. Let’s help travelers, instead of taking advantage of them.

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